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Science webinars

Each month, EMB will host an hour-long webinar on the marine science that underpins EMB publications. Webinars will typically take place on the third Thursday of every month from 13:00-14:00 CEST, starting in August 2020.

The webinars showcase the research that is done at EMB’s member institutes. They are hosted on ZOOM by EMB and are open to anyone with an interest in marine science. A maximum of 100 people are able to attend live, and the webinar is also livestreamed on the EMB Youtube channel. The recording and presentation are made available on the EMB website and YouTube channel after the event for later viewing.

The format of the webinar includes a short opening by the European Marine Board moderator and up to 30 minutes of presentation by one or two people, with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

The webinars take place on the dates listed here. You click on the link to find out more information about the topic and speakers, as well as register for the webinar:

- Thursday 20 August 2020: Future Science Brief 4 on Marine Ecosystem Modelling: Using ecosystem models to address the ecological and economic effects of climate change and the CFP landing obligation

- Thursday 17 September 2020: Navigating the Future V: The cells of ecosystem functioning: Towards a holistic vision of marine space

- Thursday 15 October 2020: Position Paper 21 on submerged prehistoric landscapes: Prehistoric researches on the EU continental shelf, by crossing the boundary between archaeology and marine geology

- Thursday 19 November 2020: Position Paper 25 on Marine Citizen Science: Advancing citizen science of coastal and ocean research: Norwegian case studies