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Upcoming Events

The European Marine Boards hosts and co-hosts a variety of events, both as regular series (the EurOcean conference and the Forums) as well as an on ad hoc basis to support relevant science policy initiatives and EMB activities such as ocean literacy and ocean observing. These events include conferences and workshops, among others.

Ocean oxygen: The role of the Ocean in the oxygen we breathe and the threat of deoxygenation

13 June 2023

On 13 June 2023 the European Marine Board (EMB) is organising a webinar to present the new EMB Future Science Brief N°10 “Ocean oxygen: the role of the Ocean in the oxygen we breathe and the threat of deoxygenation”. This 1.5-hour online webinar will include a presentation of the document and its main messages, a panel discussion, and an opportunity for Q&A. 

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EMB Science Webinar - Ecosystem effects of offshore windfarms: understanding and use for a sustainable future

15 June 2023

On Thursday 15 June 2023, EMB will host its 30th Third Thursday Science Webinar featuring Prof. Beth Scott who will speak about the ecosystem effects of offshore windfarms, linked to the science behind the EMB Future Science Brief No. 9 on 'European offshore renewable energy: towards a sustainable future'.
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EurOCEAN 2023

10 October 2023 to 11 October 2023

The EurOCEAN 2023 conference will take place on 10-11 October 2023 as an in-person event at the Auditorio y Palacio de Congresos Mar de Vigo, Vigo, Galicia, Spain.
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Past Events