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EMB Science Webinar - EMB Young Ambassadors

On Thursday 21 April 2022, EMB hosted its 19th Third Thursday Science Webinar featuring the two outgoing EMB Young Ambassadors. The webinar was 1 hour long and took place from 13:00 - 14:00 CEST.

This webinar was on "Can early career scientists make a difference in achieving the Ocean we want? - Experiences from the EMB Young Ambassadors". It featured the research and experiences of the two outgoing EMB Young Ambassadors, Dr Natalija Dunić and Dr Alessandro Cresci, who have served in the role since Spring 2020 and who ended their 2-year term in Spring 2022. 

Natalija Dunić is a Croatian ocean physicist at the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (IOF), who mainly studies thermohaline properties and the circulation of the Adriatic Sea. By the end of her PhD, she found out that current trends, mostly governed by the global warming, are showing a possible weakening of the thermohaline circulation, which will impact numerous marine habitants. Today, Natalija is a postdoctoral scientist still continuing to monitor the state of the Adriatic Sea. Aware of the reality, she is working on several interregional projects with a goal to connect local policy with science as a first step to build a better future for all, i.e. preservation of the marine environment and safety for communities. By being a part of the EMB family in a role of Young Ambassador, Natalija gained experience that helped her understand European science policy, which will help her scientific career in the future.

As a biological oceanographer and behavioral ecologist, Alessandro Cresci studies how marine species disperse, migrate, and navigate in their environment. He is a postdoctoral scientist at the Institute of Marine Research (IMR) in Norway and he is at the end of his mandate as a EMB Young Ambassador. Since his PhD at the University of Miami, USA, Alessandro dedicated his efforts in linking the behavior of marine animals to potential sublethal impacts of large-scale anthropogenic activities, such as aquaculture, oil industry and offshore wind farms. Alessandro will describe how the young ambassadorship helped his research targeting key questions for policy makers and regulators, and widened his horizons towards a large societal and scientific context.

The webinar was live-streamed and the recording is available on the EMB YouTube page

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