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Ocean observation and research infrastructures

Ocean observations, are needed to monitor and understand the marine environment and how it is changing. Such data and knowledge can be used for multiple purposes including scientific research, providing knowledge to produce base-lines for assessments and underpinning sustainable management of the ocean and its living and non-living resources, and to support sustainable marine and maritime industries contributing to the Blue economy. Europe has a large and diverse capability in marine research infrastructures and wider ocean observing platforms. However, many of these lack coordination and sustainable funding. For this reason, since 2014 Europe has been developing a framework for the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS)  to connect Europe’s diverse stakeholder communities and observing implementers, users and funders.

EMB activities


Ocean Observations and Data

    Policy Brief 9, Sustaining in situ Ocean Observations in the Age of the Digital Ocean (June 2021)

    EMB Science Webinar on Sustaining In Situ Ocean Observations for the Age of the Digital Ocean (June 2021)

    2nd Marine Board Forum - Towards a European Network of Marine Observatories for Monitoring and Research (September 2010)

        Forum Vision Statement

        Forum Proceedings

    1st Marine Board Forum - Marine Data Challenges: from Observation to Information (May 2008)

        Forum Proceedings

    EurOCEAN Conference Declarations


    AtlantOS - Optimizing and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System project (2015-2019)

    Navigating the Future IV, Chapter 11 (June 2013)

    Vision Document 1, EMODNET: The European Marine Observation and Data Network (September 2008)


European Research Vessels

    EMB Science Webinar on New developments in research vessel capabilities and technology (June 2022)

    Policy Brief 7, Next Generation European Research Vessels (March 2020)

    Position Paper 25, Next Generation European Research Vessels: Current Status and Foreseeable Evolution (November 2019)

    Position Paper 10, European Ocean Research Fleets (March 2007)


Biological Ocean Observation

    EMB Science Webinar on Biological Time Series for Science and Marine Status (July 2021)

    Future Science Brief 3 Strengthening Europe’s Capability in Biological Ocean Observation (July 2018)


Citizen Science

    EMB Science Webinar on Marine Citizen Science: Trends and frontier issues (April 2021)

    EMB Science Webinar on Marine Citizen Science in Norway (November 2020)

    Policy Brief 5, Marine Citizen Science: Towards and engaged and ocean literate society (October 2017)

    Position Paper 23, Advancing Citizen Science for Seas and Ocean Research (May 2017)


Remote Sensing

     Position Paper 12, Remote Sensing of Shelf Sea Ecosystems (February 2008)


Throughout its activities EMB continues to work with relevant networks and initiatives, including EuroGOOS, EMODnet, EuroMarine, JPI OceansCopernicus CMEMS, and has regular dialogue with the European Commission and Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO.