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EMB Science Webinar - Biological time series for science and marine status assessment

On Thursday 15 July 2021, EMB hosted its eleventh Science Lunch Webinar on the topic of 'Biological time series for science and marine status assessment'. The webinar was 1 hour long and took place from 13:00 - 14:00 CEST.






This webinar "Biological time series for science and marine status assessment" addressed technological development and built on the science presented in EMB's 3rd Future Science Brief on 'Biological Ocean Observation'. It was presented by co-author Dr. Adriana Zingone. The PowerPoint slides can be downloaded here

Adriana Zingone is an associated senior scientist at the Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn, Naples, Italy, working in the field of marine phytoplankton diversity and ecology. Her main interests include the spatial and temporal dynamics of marine phytoplankton, drivers of species seasonality and long-term changes, ecology of Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs) and their impacts on human health and marine life. Her research combines classic methods and advanced molecular approaches primarily building on long-term observations conducted since 1984 on the plankton of the Gulf of Naples (LTER-MC) and, at a wider spatial scale on EU and global ocean projects (Tara Ocean and Tara Arctic, Ocean Sampling Day). She has been and is part of several international working groups on long term observations and has long served in the IOC-Intergovernmental Panel on HABs (which she has chaired for some years). Within the latter she has co-led the IOC-UNESCO Global HAB Status Report (GHSR) initiative, which has recently released the first ever global assessment of status and trends of HABs around the world’s seas.

The webinar was hosted on ZOOM. The recording of the webinar is available to re-watch here on the EMB Youtube page.

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