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EMB publications

The Terms of Identity and Governance provide an up-to-date summary of the key facts and metrics of the European Marine Board (EMB). The document is an addendum to the EMB Guidelines.
Tracing the history of the Ocean Literacy movement and introducing the Sea Change project, developed by EMB and CoExploration Ltd.

Key messages from EurOCEAN 2014 – a major European marine science policy conference which took place on 7-9 October 2014 in Rome, Italy.


Overarching recommendations in deep-sea research to support a sustainable blue economy.
Read about the benefits of being a member of EMB and review our achievements to date in our new value paper.
Discover EMB's structure and governance and learn about the wide spectrum of strategic activities undertaken in 2014, bridging the gap between research, policy, industry and society.
EMB_AR_2014.pdf (2.56 MB)
Proposal and Recommendations for a Science-Policy Interface (SPI) to support MSFD Implementation.
STAGES_D4.2.pdf (2.08 MB)
This report reviews an extensive STAGES stakeholder consultation conducted by Work Package 4 "Building a science-policy interface to support MSFD implementation". WP4 was led by EMB, in collaboration with STAGES partners.
STAGES_D4.1.pdf (3.31 MB)

A consensus view of the EurOCEAN 2014 participants representing that of the European marine research community and resulting from a wide consultation at national, regional, pan-European and international levels


A summary of the key research needs and priorities to discover and safeguard Europe’s underwater heritage
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