6th Forum Message | European Marine Board

6th Forum Message

Informed by the discussions which took place at the 6th EMB Forum event in December 2017 on "Implementing the UN 2030 Agenda: What role for marine science?” , this Forum Message highlights the needs for marine science to be at the core of the ocean governance debate, and also presenting 8 specific commitments that EMB is making to underpin those needs and support future development. The main message of the Forum was that the role of marine science should be to provide a solid and sound evidence base to enable science-based societal debate on the future direction of ocean governance. Speakers, panelists and attendees alike also highlighted the importance of integration, moving away from silo thinking and towards greater collaboration among stakeholders to address the upcoming challenges. They also added to the growing voice calling for greater engagement of marine science with society, and improved ocean literacy. These messages have been presented in the Forum Message, and are further supported by the specific commitments EMB is making to support their implementation.

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