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This Policy Brief focuses on in situ Ocean observations and highlights their benefits, funding and governance challenges, and the investment needed for their transformation and sustainability. This document is the result of an ad hoc Working Group established by the European Marine Board to address this topic, in light of the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and the start of Age of the Digital Ocean.

The 7th EMB Forum took place online on 23rd October 2020 on the topic of 'Big Data in Marine Science: Supporting the European Green Deal, the EU 2030 Biodiversity Strategy, and a Digital Twin Ocean'. 192 participants from Europe and further afield were present, representing academia, government, industry, and NGOs. Experts gave presentations and participated in panel discussions, with audience interaction. This document is a summary of the discussions, and full recordings of the sessions are available on the EMB YouTube Channel.

Impact report for the Future Science Brief on how marine ecosystem models are being increasingly used as a tool for ecosystem management.
Impact report for the Future Science Brief calling to enhance European biological ocean observation capacity  in order to strengthen global efforts towards our understanding of the ocean.
Impact report for the Future Science Brief outlining a vision for the future of marine graduate education and training in Europe.
This report captures the major foresight initiatives and documents relevant for European ocean observation and forecasting.
During summer 2020, the EMB Secretariat conducted a survey to ask EMB member organizations about the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns had on their research and teaching activities.

This Policy Brief highlights the inextricable links between oceans health and human health. It presents the main challenges in moving towards a European policy framework that supports and enables Oceans and Human Health to be addressed in a holistic manner. It highlights the research, training, data, monitoring and funding needs to enable such a policy framework to be developed. This publication was produced together with the EU-funded SOPHIE project.

This Future Science Brief outlines recent advances, challenges and opportunities for big data to support marine science. To develop solutions to key societal challenges, there is an increasing need for more complex, transdisciplinary analyses across traditionally siloed disciplines and sectors. To achieve these goals, we need to move towards increased digitalization and the adoption of big data in marine science. The publication identifies overarching challenges and recommendations within the categories of data acquisition, data handling and management, service interoperability, computing infrastructures and data accessibility, data sharing, big data analytics, and training networks and collaboration. These are explored through topics and case studies on climate science and marine biogeochemistry, habitat mapping for marine conservation, marine biological observations, and pest control in the aquaculture sector.

Strategic Reseach Agenda for Oceans and Human Health Research in Europe, arising from the H2020 SOPHIE project
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