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EMB publications

EMB’s Future Science Brief n°5 calls for a better incorporation of the values stemming from marine ecosystem services and natural capital in marine management and policy decisions. Evaluating the impacts of human activity on ecosystem services and their social and economic consequences can highlight the trade-offs between actions to reverse the declining states of marine biodiversity and ecosystems, and possible competing economic interests. A wide array of methods and techniques for ecosystem valuation already exist, but mainstreaming, understanding and implementation of marine ecosystem valuation approaches and applications should be further developed.

EMB's Annual Report 2018 provides a full overview of our activities and events in 2018, bridging the gap between research, policy, industry and society.

This publication looks at how marine ecosystem models are being increasingly used as a tool for ecosystem management. It gives examples of current capability and examines the mis-match between science and policy, providing recommendations to strengthen marine ecosystem modelling capability for current and future societal needs.

Strategic foresight paper on AtlantOS in the European context. Deliverable led by EMB for the European H2020 AtlantOS project WP10, with a particular focus on ocean observation coordination and governance in the context of European, Atlantic and global science-policy drivers.

Future Science Brief calls to enhance European biological ocean observation capacity to strengthen global efforts towards our understanding of the ocean.

Future Science Brief presents a vision for the future of marine graduate education and training in Europe.

Read about the wide spectrum of strategic activities undertaken by the EMB in 2017, bridging the gap between research, policy, industry and society.

The 6th EMB Forum Proceedings Implementing the UN 2030 Agenda: What role for marine science? (6 December 2017, Brussels)


Message highlighting the needs for marine science to be at the core of the ocean governance debate, and 8 specific commitments EMB is making to support future development.


Policy brief introduces what Marine Citizen Science has to offer to marine science research, marine policy and society.
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