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Report from foresight workshop on ensuring accurate climate related predictions in Europe in 2035

The European Marine Board Secretariat organized a foresight workshop on the sustainability of the ocean observing and forecasting system, supported by the EU Innovation Action EuroSea, on 15-16 March 2023 at the Museum of Natural Sciences, Brussels (Belgium). The workshop aimed to gather key recommendations or considerations for possible future mechanisms to sustainably fund and coordinate ocean observation, prediction and information delivery in Europe.

The European Union (EU), through the European Green Deal and other instruments, has set ambitious targets to achieve climate neutrality, while transitioning to a climate resilient society, restore damaged ecosystems and bring nature back across Europe. In order to accomplish these targets, information on the current state of the environment and reliable predictions are essential to inform actions such as laws & policies, city & land planning, preparation for emergency events and management of natural resources and services. However, the information we obtain from the Ocean, through observations and monitoring activities, is currently not enough to inform decision-making processes and achieve the European Green Deal objectives. There is the need to tackle the growing disconnect between what information is needed from the Ocean and how to fund the value chain providing this information.

The EuroSea foresight workshop considered the Ocean Observation System in 2035, and looked for pathways to ensure its sustainability in all European Ocean basins to deliver accessible, timely, and actionable information to all users who rely on this system. The outcomes of this workshop are key recommendations for mechanisms to sustainably fund and coordinate Ocean observation, prediction and information delivery in Europe. These will inform a report on recommendations to the Framework of the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS).