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Ocean and Human Health

The ocean affects human health in a variety of ways. While the ocean can boost well-being via activities like recreation and relaxation, it can also pose risks to human health through factors such as flooding and pollution. Likewise, humans can have both positive and negative impacts on the ocean and marine environments. The interaction of this complicated mix of threats and opportunities is not yet fully understood. The new scientific meta-discipline “Oceans and Human Health” is emerging to explore these relationships.

EMB activities


Oceans and Human Health

    EMB Science Webinar on Ocean and Human Health (February 2022)

    Ocean Decade Virtual Webinar Series: Ocean and Human Health (October 2020)

    SOPHIE Legacy Video "Oceans and Human Health: A research agenda" (August 2020)

    Webinar on "How is our health linked to the ocean?" (June 2020)

    Policy Brief 8, Policy Needs for Oceans and Human Health (May 2020)

    Strategic Research Agenda for Oceans and Human Health (March 2020)

    SOPHIE Introduction Video "Seas, Oceans and Public Health in Europe" (June 2018)

    SOPHIE– Seas, Oceans and Public Health in Europe project (2017-2020)

    Message from Bedruthan (March 2014)

    Position Paper 19, Linking Oceans and Human Health: A Strategic Research Priority for Europe (December 2013)


Ocean oxygen

    Future Science Brief 10, Ocean oxygen: the role of the Ocean in the oxygen we breathe and the threat of deoxygenation

    EMB launch webinar presenting Future Science Brief 10 on Ocean oxygen


Marine Biotechnology

    EMB Science Webinar on Unlocking Marine Genetic Resources (September 2022)

    EMB Science Webinar on Marine biotechnology to advance Europe's bioeconomy (August 2022)

    Policy Brief 4, Marine Biotechnology: Advancing Innovation in Europe’s Bioeconomy (September 2017)

    Position Paper 15, Marine Biotechnology: a Vision and Strategy for Europe (September 2010)

    Position Paper 4, Marine Biotechnology: A European Strategy for Marine Biotechnology (December 2001)