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Marine Biotechnology: Advancing Innovation in Europe’s Bioeconomy

Marine biotechnology is a fast growing Blue Growth area with revenue in Europe predicted to reach €1 billion by 2020. Products and applications are highly diverse, spanning food production, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and wider medical applications. The success of future growth relies on scientific knowledge spanning the marine, life and wider sciences. And it all starts in the ocean. This Policy Brief showcases the latest scientific and technological advancements in marine biotechnology and highlights why knowledge of our marine ecosystems and biodiversity are crucial for driving future innovation. It also presents examples of commercial applications of marine biotechnology, the resulting high-value products and services and examples of other European projects and initiatives that are seeking to streamline the marine biotechnology pipeline. The Policy Brief is a collaboration between the European Marine Board and the European Marine Biotechnology (MBT) ERA-NET, following the publication in 2016 of the ERA-MBT Marine Biotechnology Strategic and Innovation Roadmap: Insights to the future direction of European marine biotechnology.

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