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Ocean Literacy and Marine Science Communication

Alongside conducting marine science research, it is equally important to communicate about the results, the discoveries, the new knowledge, the remaining unknowns, and what all of this means for policy and society. This call for ocean literacy, the understanding of the critical role of the ocean in our lives and our impacts on the ocean, in all parts of society.

EMB activities


Marine Science Communication

   ECOP Wednesdays Webinar on 40 Years of Ocean Literacy: Reflecting on 20 Years History and Looking Forward to 2044 (April 2024)   

Future Science Brief 8, Marine Science Communication in Europe: a way forward (June 2022)

    EMB webinar on Marine Science Communication in Europe: A way forward (June 2022)

    EU4Ocean Coalition for Ocean Literacy (2019-2021)

    ECOP Wednesdays Webinar on The Oceanicas Initiative (May 2023)   

    SeaChange project (2012-2014)


Ocean oxygen

Does every second breath we take come from the Ocean?

    Future Science Brief 10, Ocean oxygen: the role of the Ocean in the oxygen we breathe and the threat of deoxygenation

    EMB launch webinar presenting Future Science Brief 10 on Ocean oxygen

    Infographic explaining the role of the Ocean in the oxygen humans breathe