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ECOP Wednesdays April 2024

On Wednesday 3 April 2024, EMB and its Young Ambassadors hosted an ECOP Wednesday series event on 40 Years of Ocean Literacy: Reflecting on 20 Years History and Looking Forward to 2044. The session featured speaker Peter Tuddenham from the College of Exploration, USA. The talk was followed by an interactive Q&A discussion. The event was one hour long, from 12:00 - 13:00 CEST. 

In this edition of the ECOP Wednesdays event series, hosted by the EMB Young Ambassadors and the EMB Secretariat for the EMB ECOP network, Peter Tuddenham spoke about "40 Years of Ocean Literacy: Reflecting on 20 Years History and Looking Forward to 2044". 

There has been over 20 years of Ocean Literacy actions. What can Early Career Professionals do in the next 20 years to advance Ocean Literacy in their sphere of influence and scientific discipline? This session briefly reviewed the initial conditions that gave rise to Ocean Literacy in the USA and then trace how the ideas have gone global. After some prompts to consider, we engaged participants in conversations to encourage a series of personal and group actions to consider over the next 20 years of their careers. Using a combination of idealised design and systems oriented design we began to map out possible futures.

Peter Tuddenham is a Co-founder of the College of Exploration, USA, which was founded in 1991. He helped organise the first Ocean Literacy Online Conference with the National Geographic Society in 2002 and was one of the four co-organisers of the online conference that started the development of the Ocean Literacy campaign in 2004.

You can rewatch the presentation here.

You can access the presentation slides here.

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