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Marine Citizen Science: Towards an engaged and ocean literate society

Today we launch our new policy brief number 5 on “Marine Citizen Science: Towards and engaged and ocean literate society” (pdf). Following the release of our position paper on “Advancing Citizen Science for Coastal and Ocean Research” (pdf) in May 2017, we now present a summary of the main messages and recommendations.

Marine Citizen Science is a scientific research approach that is rapidly gaining interest and momentum. Our policy brief answers the fundamental question of “Why Marine Citizen Science?”, and presents the wide scope of applications in marine science research. It also looks at future opportunities with regard to the use of technology, as well as highlighting the potential for Marine Citizen Science to be a tool for marine policy. It finishes by presenting recommendations going forward, as both short- and long-term action areas, to ensure that Marine Citizen Science can continue to progress in Europe.

The policy brief can be downloaded here, the position paper can be found here, and the press release can be found here.