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The European Marine Board Biennial Open Forum bridges the gap between the scientific community and policymakers and prepares a joint vision and recommendations to advance the issue at hand.

The European Marine Board Forum is one of our four principle approaches to bridging the gap between science and policy. The Forums act as a platform to bring together a wide range of marine science stakeholders (scientists, European and national policymakers, pan-European and regional networks etc.) to discuss and share knowledge, identify common priorities, develop common positions and collaborate.



7th EMB Forum

The 7th EMB Forum will be on the topic of Big Data in Marine Science. It aims to foster discussion and collaboration between diverse stakeholders to work towards solutions enabling the development of Big Data to support marine science. Talks and panel discussions will include representatives from science, industry, policy, governance, data services and NGOs. Key challenges and recommendations will be discussed relating to societal challenges including sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, climate change and the oceans, and ocean observations. Cross-cutting issues of data acquisition, data handling and management, service interoperability, data accessibility, computing infrastructure, data sharing, Big Data analytics, training networks and collaboration will be explored. The event will be held on 29th April 2020 at BluePoint Brussels.

More details on the programme and registration can be found here.

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