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Stakeholder workshop around the EMB Position Paper No.25 "Next Generation European Research Vessel"

The European Marine Board (EMB) has recently launched its Position Paper No. 25 "NEXT GENERATION EUROPEAN RESEARCH VESSELS: CURRENT STATUS AND FORESEEABLE EVOLUTION". The document is the result of a collaboration with ERVO, the European Research Vessel Operators.

The publication presents an overview of the current fleet, its capabilities and equipment, and its management. It then looks to the future, highlighting what will be needed to ensure that the European fleet can continue to provide the same high level of support to science. It goes beyond the fleet itself to consider the training of fleet personnel, fleet management, and the role of research vessels in the wider context of ocean observations and the European Ocean Observing System (EOOS). It also explores ways in which greater efficiencies could be achieved at local, regional and European scale, to ensure the best possible use is made of these infrastructures.

CETMAR considers the analysis presented in this report to be of key relevance for not just orienting the future of these marine research infrastructures, but also for understanding future potential within one of the most promising market sectors for shipbuilding and maritime technology industries in Europe. The release of this report presents an opportunity to disseminate its findings and organise an open discussion around these involving different stakeholder groups: the research community, the industries linked with the different relevant activities, the training and education community and the funding agencies and administrations with relevant competencies.

EMB and CETMAR decided to join forces and organise a half-day (from 10:00 to 13:30) Stakeholder meeting at CETMAR's premises in Vigo on the 23 January 2020. The meeting was open to all interested participants; however, registration was required. The meeting language was English.

The agenda can be found here. A news article on the event can be found here.

Registration for the event is now closed. 


Event Date
Edificio CETMAR, C/Eduardo Cabello s/n, Vigo. Pontevedra, Spain