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The future of observations from seabed to space: Training to support marine science

EMB hosted a 2-hour workshop on "The future of observations from seabed to space: Training to support marine science" during Sea Tech Week 2020.

For more than 20 years in Brest (France), Sea Tech Week® has forged and strengthened international collaboration and business in marine science and technology. The virtual Sea Tech Week® continues to be a cross-disciplinary platform bringing together researchers, businesses, representative from institutions and students. The virtual Sea Tech Week® was organised by the Campus mondial de la mer community (Bretagne, France), which shared its expertise in marine research and innovation. The core theme of the 12th edition was: “Marine observation: From seabed to space”.

The EMB workshop was held online on Monday 12 October from 13:30 – 15:30 CEST. This workshop focused on the training and capacity needs for the future of marine science, with specific focus on what is needed for observation. It highlighted current and new professional specialisms that are needed to sustain the future of ocean observations. The workshop featured short presentations on related topics from a panel of experts.

Sheila Heymans (EMB) spoke about EMB's recommendations on training and you can find her presentation here.

Wendy Brown (IOGP, UK) spoke about IOGP's work and the industries' needs for training and you can find her presentation here.

Ben Wilson (SAMS, UK) spoke about the transdisciplinary IDCORE doctoral training programme and you can find his presentation here.

Lucia Fraga Lago (CETMAR, Spain) spoke about the MATES project findings on maritime training and future trends and you can find her presentation here.

The workshop also allowed significant interaction from the participants, with opportunities for questions and discussion with the panel and other participants. The workshop enabled different stakeholder groups to discuss opportunities for delivering the required training and capacity development, and how these opportunities can be actively taken forward. Participants learnt about training needs in relation to a number of topics relevant to marine science and ocean observations, and more about the potential roles for their sector in supporting or enabling this training and capacity development.

You can re-watch the workshop here, find out more about this session here, watch a short promotion video about it here and find out more about Sea Tech Week 2020 on the Sea Tech Week website.

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