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Brown Bag Lunch n°4 on Blue Carbon

On Friday 14 February 2020, EMB hosted its 4th Brown Bag Lunch to discuss Blue Carbon. Blue Carbon refers to organic carbon that is captured and stored by the oceans and coastal ecosystems.  In particular, the vegetated coastal ecosystems of seagrass meadows, tidal marshes, and mangrove forests sequester and store more carbon per unit area than terrestrial forests and are now being recognised for their role in mitigating climate change. Prof. Hilary Kennedy from the University of Bangor (UK) is one of the leading experts in Europe on this topic and she provided some insight on the latest developments in this field.

The Blue Carbon Ecosystems have caught the attention of diverse stakeholders outside the scientific community, as it can play a crucial role in many societal challenges, not only through their potential to mitigate climate change, but also by providing coastal protection and fisheries enhancement. Therefore it is crucial to address knowledge gaps and uncertainties relating to this topic to further inform conservation and private sector organizations, governments, and intergovernmental bodies committed to marine conservation and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Prof Kennedy touched upon some key questions and challenges that need to be addressed to consolidate progress in Blue Carbon science to inform current the debate and set future research agenda's. Her presentation was followed by an interactive discussion on this topic with the speaker and the participants.

Anyone with an interest in this topic was invited to participate in this event. Participation was free of charge, but registration was mandatory given the limited space (up to 40 persons). EMB provided sandwiches for the meeting participants.

The presentation was also be live-streamed and recorded. You can watch the presentation here, and the presentation slides can be found here.

Practical info:

date: Friday 14 February 2020
time: 12.15 - 14.00
location: Scotland House Brussels, Robert Schuman Roundabout 6 - Brussels


Registration for the event is now closed.

Event Date
Scotland House Brussels, Robert Shuman square 6 - 1040 Brussel