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Causing a CommOCEAN in marine science communication

On 4 and 5 December 2018 the European Marine Board Communication Panel (EMBCP), organises the third international marine science communications conference, CommOCEAN 2018. The event, which takes place in Southampton (UK) and hosted by the National Oceanography Centre, gathers 150 participants from 25 countries, specialised in marine science communication, to discuss the latest issues facing the ocean, and to improve their skills and learn best practice with regards to communicating with the public, peers and governments about ocean science.

The conference aims to build a strong community of marine science communication professionals from across the world, and to inspire inventive and effective communication of marine science within the science community, to the wider public, and to governments and policy makers. Participants are typically people working in a professional communications role within an ocean/marine research institute, working for ocean conservation organisations or scientists who communicate their own research.

The conference has a core programme of inspiring and insightful addresses from leaders in marine science communication, presentations and workshops covering communications techniques and platforms, and examples of marine science research communication campaigns. The event also features talks on current marine science projects.

Running alongside the core programme are sessions aimed at building basic skills and knowledge across the different channels and methods most often used to communicate to the public and stakeholders for those who are new to communications, and advanced sessions for those looking to maximise the impact of their current professional activity.

The event also includes an exhibition of display materials and hands on science designed to engage the public at science festivals and open days. For the first time, this part of the conference is open to the general public (4th December 14:00-16:30, subscribe here), so people in Southampton will be able to engage with the conference.

CommOCEAN 2018 is the 3rd International Marine Science Communication Conference. It follows on from the first conference in Porto, Portugal in 2014 and the second in Bruges, Belgium in 2016.

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