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Rome Declaration
A consensus view of the EurOCEAN 2014 participants representing that of the European marine research community and resulting from a wide consultation at national, regional, pan-European and international levels

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October 2014
How our ancestors adapted to sea-level change
A summary of the key research needs and priorities to discover and safeguard Europe’s underwater heritage

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October 2014
Land beneath the waves
State of the art, key opportunities and recommendations to advance the European Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research

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October 2014
4th EMB Forum Proceedings
The 4th EMB Forum Proceedings Arctic 2050: Towards Ecosystem-based management in a changing Arctic Ocean (12 March 2014, Brussels)

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September 2014
Annual Report 2013
European Marine Board Annual Report 2013 outlining EMB activities and outputs against the strategic approaches of ForumStrategySynergy and Voice

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April 2014
3rd Marine Board Forum Proceedings
3rd Marine Board Forum Proceedings New Technologies for a Blue Future (18 April 2012, Brussels)

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March 2014
Linking Oceans and Human Health: A Strategic Research Priority for Europe
Key research needs and priorities to support the development of a holistic and coherent transnational oceans and human health research effort in Europe

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December 2013
Navigating the Future IV
Foresight report organized around the framework of key societal challenges in the areas of climate, human health, food security, energy and safe and sustainable use of marine space

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June 2013
Annual Report 2012
European Marine Board Annual Report 2012 outlining EMB activities and outputs against the strategic approaches of Forum, Strategy, Synergy and Voice

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April 2013
Achieving Ecologically Coherent MPA Network in Europe: Science Needs and Priorities
Science needs and priorities to inform, engage and empower stakeholders in planning networks of MPAs across Europe and beyond

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April 2013
Getting Ready for an Ice-free Arctic
Science Commentary calling for a sustained Arctic marine observation and data exchange system

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April 2013
Marine Biodiversity: A Science Roadmap for Europe
Reveals gaps in our knowledge and research capacities, examines the policy landscape and includes a roadmap for European marine biodiversity research.

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September 2012
Marine Microbial Diversity and its role in Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Change
Highlights recent advances in marine microbial research and identifies key priorities and needs for future European research.

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June 2012
Annual Report 2011
Marine Board Annual Report 2011 

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May 2012
2nd Marine Board Forum Proceedings
2nd Marine Board Forum Towards a European Network of Marine Observatories for Monitoring and Research (16 September 2010, Brussels) 

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April 2012
Monitoring chemical pollution in Europe's Seas - programmes, practices and priorities for research
A critical evaluation of current monitoring practices and assessment frameworks as well as mechanisms for including emerging chemicals of concern in monitoring programmes

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November 2011
Climate Change Research Results
Synthesis of European Research on the Effects of Climate Change on Marine Environments
CLAMER-Marine Board special publication

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September 2011
Annual Report 2010
Marine Board Annual Report 2010

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May 2011
EurOCEAN 2010 and Ostend Declaration
Report of the high-level conference on marine science and technology EurOCEAN 2010 (12-13 October 2010, Ostend) and the Ostend Declaration 

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January 2011
Marine Biotechnology: a Vision and Strategy for Europe
Marine biotechnology state of the art and its significant potential to contribute to scientific, societal and economic needs; and a concrete science policy strategy

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September 2010
Marine Renewable Energy
An overview of how marine renewable energy can provide innovative solutions to tackle future energy challenges and to fully contribute to the EU 2020 vision

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September 2010
Science Dimensions of an Ecosystem Approach to Management of Biotic Ocean Resources
Research priorities and a work plan to achieve the objectives of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Joint EMB-ICES-EFARO publication

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April 2010
Marine Board History and Evolution
A short brochure on Marine Board history and its role in promoting the establishment of the European Marine Research Area, prepared for the ten-year anniversary as a stand-alone European marine science and technology forum

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October 2009
MarinERA Legacy
Summary of the achievements of the 6th EU Framework Programme ERA-NET project MarinERA 

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June 2009
Annual Report 2009
Marine Board Annual Report 2009 

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May 2009
1st Marine Board Forum Proceedings
1st Marine Board Forum Marine Data Challenges: from Observation to Information (15 May 2008, Ostend) 

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May 2009
A vision for an end-to-end, integrated, inter-operable and user-oriented network of European marine observation and data systems 

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September 2008
The Effects of Anthropogenic Sound on Marine Mammals
Addressing a complex problem of the effects of some ocean-based human activities on the marine mammals, who rely heavily on sound for communication and social organization

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June 2008
Annual Report 2008
Marine Board Annual Report 2008 

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May 2008
Remote Sensing of Shelf Sea Ecosystems
Summary of capabilities of satellite RS methodologies and their weaknesses, and a set of recommendations to maximise their effectiveness in monitoring shelf sea ecosystems

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February 2008
Responses to EC Consultations on Maritime Policy and ERA
Marine Board Responses to the European Commission's Green Papers: (i) Towards a future Maritime Policy for the Union: A European vision for the oceans and seas and (ii) The European Research Area: New Perspectives

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November 2007
EurOCEAN 2007 and Aberdeen Declaration
Report of the high-level conference on marine science and technology EurOCEAN 2007(22 June 2007, Aberdeen) and the Aberdeen Declaration 

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September 2007
Impacts of Climate Change on the European Marine and Coastal Environment
An overview of the climate change research challenges both at European and regional levels, and future research needs, in support of European climate change strategies and policies

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March 2007
European Ocean Research Fleets - Towards a Common Strategy and Enhanced Use
An inventory and description of the existing fleets, and recommendations on their enhanced use and management at pan-European level

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March 2007
EurOCEAN 2004 and Galway Declaration
Report of the high-level conference on marine science and technology EurOCEAN 2004 (10-13 May 2004, Galway) and the Galway Declaration 

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January 2007
Navigating the Future III
Strategic overview of marine research, priority recommendations and scientific challenges in the context of European science and societal needs.

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November 2006
Modelling in Coastal and Shelf Seas - A European Challenge
Analysis of hydrodynamic modelling of coastal and shelf seas and data assimilation, illustrating the development effort needed to transform research tools into services for the many users of ocean space and resources.     

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June 2005
Navigating the Future II
Research priorities and recommendations for marine research and policy at the European level - summary of Integrating Marine Science in Europe 

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March 2003
Integrating Marine Science in Europe
A milestone in the process of integrating and developing a strong, fully European profile for marine science as a key component of the European Research Area 

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November 2002
Marine Biotechnology - A European Strategy for Marine Biotechnology
Marine Board strategy for European marine biotechnology, mobilising efforts throughout Europe to address issues like human health, nutrition and environmental impact, as well as to further biodiversity and reproduction

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December 2001
Navigating the Future I - Towards a Marine European Research Area
Marine research challenges and their implications for European marine science and the societies 

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March 2001
Towards a European Marine Research Area
The Marine Board strategic marine science plan for Europe, integrating all relevant dimensions of the natural and social sciences and the concerns of all end users of European seas

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December 2000