The European Marine Board provides a pan-European platform for its member organisations to develop common priorities, to advance marine research
and to bridge the gap between science and policy, in order to meet future marine science and societal challenges and opportunities.


Annual Report 2013
European Marine Board Annual Report 2013 outlining EMB activities and outputs against the strategic approaches of ForumStrategySynergy and Voice PDF [6.09 MB]

Oceans and Human Health
Key research needs and priorities to support the development of a holistic and coherent transnational oceans and human health research effort in Europe PDF [6.93 MB]

Navigating the Future IV
Foresight report organized around the framework of key societal challenges in the areas of climate, human health, food security, energy and safe and sustainable use of marine space PDF [8.63 MB]

Marine Protected Areas
Science needs and priorities to inform, engage and empower stakeholders in planning networks of MPAs across Europe and beyond PDF [5.48 MB]

Getting Ready for an Ice-free Arctic
Science Commentary calling for a sustained Arctic marine observation and data exchange system PDF [260.39 kB]

Marine Biodiversity
Reveals gaps in our knowledge and research capacities, examines the policy landscape and includes a roadmap for European marine biodiversity research. PDF [5.08 MB]

Microbial Diversity
Highlights recent advances in marine microbial research and identifies key priorities and needs for future European research. PDF [8.71 MB]

Monitoring Chemical Pollution
A critical evaluation of current monitoring practices and assessment frameworks as well as mechanisms for including emerging chemicals of concern in monitoring programmes PDF [5.95 MB]

Marine Biotechnology
Marine biotechnology state of the art and its significant potential to contribute to scientific, societal and economic needs; and a concrete science policy strategy PDF [7.55 MB]

Marine Renewable Energy
An overview of how marine renewable energy can provide innovative solutions to tackle future energy challenges and to fully contribute to the EU 2020 vision PDF [1.65 MB]

Ecosystem Approach to Management
Research priorities and a work plan to achieve the objectives of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Joint EMB-ICES-EFARO publication PDF [5.79 MB]

A vision for an end-to-end, integrated, inter-operable and user-oriented network of European marine observation and data systems  PDF [6.72 MB]

Marine Mammals and Acoustics
Addressing a complex problem of the effects of some ocean-based human activities on the marine mammals, who rely heavily on sound for communication and social organization PDF [5.60 MB]

Remote Sensing
Summary of capabilities of satellite RS methodologies and their weaknesses, and a set of recommendations to maximise their effectiveness in monitoring shelf sea ecosystems PDF [5.39 MB]

Climate Change Impacts
An overview of the climate change research challenges both at European and regional levels, and future research needs, in support of European climate change strategies and policies PDF [2.90 MB]

Ocean Research Fleets
An inventory and description of the existing fleets, and recommendations on their enhanced use and management at pan-European level PDF [1.88 MB]


Draft Rome Declaration released for on-line consultation (19 – 29 September)

An advanced drEurOCEAN2014 craft of the Rome Declaration has been released on the EurOCEAN 2014 website for a ten-day open consultation. The Rome Declaration, a key output of EurOCEAN 2014, aims to deliver a common vision on achieving an ecosystem approach to the management of Europe’s marine resources as a fundamental requirement for sustainable Blue Growth. The Declaration will reiterate the importance of marine research on the policy agenda. Key to the success of the Declaration is support from EurOCEAN 2014 participants and the wider marine science community. The current draft was developed by a group of recognized experts in marine science and policy and representatives of the European Commission. The draft Rome Declaration is available at Feedback and support for the Rome Declaration should be sent by email to the European Marine Board Secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by 29 September 2014. Registration for EurOCEAN 2014 is open until 30 September.

WG Marine Graduate Training kick-off meeting (15-16 September, Ghent)

Today and toWG cropped compressedmorrow, the kick off meeting of EMB's expert group on Marine Graduate Training (WG Training) is taking place in Ghent, Belgium. The meeting is hosted by Prof. Magda Vincx, the Chair of the expert group in the venue 'Het Pand' at the University of Ghent. Eleven experts in marine graduate training will address the current graduate training landscape in marine science with a focus on identifying major shortcomings, hurdles and solutions. At the kick-off meeting the group will take part in a brainstorming session regarding the structure and scope of the future policy paper that will be prepared by WG Training members. Working group members will also discuss consultation with additional expertise from key stakeholders such as relevant DG's from the European Commission and future employers within both academia and industry.

EMBCP takes part in IMSCC 2014 (8-9 September, Porto)

JanSeysPortoSept2014The European Marine Board Communication Panel (EMBCP) is currently taking part in the 1st International Marine Science Communication Conference (IMSCC 2014) in Porto. The conference aims to highlight new tools and practices for scientists and marine science communicators in developing their skills and improving dialogue with a range of target audiences including the general public and decision-makers. The concept of a conference dedicated to marine science communication was first proposed by the EMBCP. As a result, IMSCC 2014 has been jointly organized by CIIMAR (Interdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research of the University of Porto), the EMBCP and Ciência Viva (Portuguese National Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture). Presentations and workshops cover a broad spectrum of marine science communication issues including the use of tools such as social media and infographics, tips for dealing with the media and case studies of successful outreach programmes employing best practice. The full programme is available on the IMSCC 2014 website. 
Featured on the picture: Jan Seys, EMBCP Chair/VLIZ, Belgium (right), speaking at the opening of IMSCC 2014.

Sea Tech Week (13-17 October 2014, Brest, France)

SeaTechWeekSea Tech Week, held in Brest every two years, brings together international experts from a diverse range of disciplines associated with the marine science and technology sector. Researchers, economists, legal experts and representatives of industry and institutions meet to provide an update on the latest scientific discoveries, technological advances as well as economic and legal issues. Sea Tech Week provides a unique forum for exchange, which is further enhanced by parallel sessions, workshops, professional trade fair and technology presentations. Sea Tech Week 2014 (13-17 October) will focus in particular on deep sea challenges, through the organization of the main conference Deep Blue Days. More information and registration at:

EurOCEAN 2014 programme now online


The programme for the EurOCEAN 2014 conference is now available on the website. An official event of the Italian EU Presidency, EurOCEAN 2014 will provide a valuable opportunity for interaction and exchange between European marine and maritime research actors, stakeholders, policy makers and programme managers. The conference will identify future research priorities in support of blue growth, human health and wellbeing, and sustainable management of coastal seas and oceans.

With a varied and stimulating programme running over 2½ days, EurOCEAN 2014 will include:

  • Horizon-scanning presentations from leading European and international scientists;
  • Focused discussion sessions on societal, policy and regional challenges including Seas and Ocean Resources, Blue Growth, Good Environmental Status and Oceans and Human Health;
  • Dialogue on capacity building and research infrastructures, including a special session on the European Ocean Observing System dedicated to the memory of Kostas Nittis;
  • A Mediterranean Roundtable, side events and an open panel discussion moderated by Quentin Cooper, BBC Radio 4 science presenter;
  • Identification of emerging challenges and opportunities in seas and oceans research and adoption of a "Rome Declaration"

Registration for EurOCEAN 2014 is open until 30 Sept. 2014. For further information, please visit the EurOCEAN website. For specific enquiries please contact the organizing committee by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In memoriam of Kostas Nittis

Kotas NittisThe members and Secretariat of the European Marine Board are greatly saddened by the untimely passing of our former Chair, Kostas Nittis. Representing his home institution, the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research in Greece, Kostas was an active EMB delegate for many years and was elected Chair in 2011. He served three years in this role with distinction, stepping down in May 2014. Among his many achievements, he led the complex process of drafting the Ostend Declaration (2010) and delivery of the Board’s Navigating the Future IV position paper (2013).
A distinguished oceanographer, Kostas was appointed Secretary General of the EuroGOOS network in 2012. But his sphere of influence extended well beyond his own research field. Through participation in multiple projects and networks, he was a leading figure in Europe for the promotion of marine science and setting the marine research agenda. Those fortunate to have known and worked with Kostas will remember his wisdom, integrity, diplomacy and a steady calmness which concealed a determination to effect positive change. Kostas will be hugely missed by an extensive network of friends and colleagues throughout Europe and beyond. We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family at this difficult time.

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