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About the European Marine Board

The European Marine Board develops common positions on research priorities and strategies for European marine science, facilitating enhanced cooperation between stakeholders involved in supporting, delivering and using marine research and technology.

Marine Board stakeholders include the Board’s members, partner European and international networks, policymakers, strategy developers and programme managers at national, European and international level, as well as the marine and maritime science community at large.

As an independent non-governmental advisory body, the European Marine Board provides the essential components for transferring knowledge from the scientific community to decision makers, promoting Europe’s leadership in marine research and technology. Adopting a strategic role, the Board provides a unique forum to develop marine research foresight, initiating state-of-the-art analyses and studies and translating these into clear policy recommendations to national agencies and governments as well as to the European institutions.

The European Marine Board operates via four principle approaches underpinning the Board’s main objective of bridging the gap between science and policy: 

  • Forum – bringing together European marine research stakeholders to share knowledge, identify common priorities, develop common positions and collaborate;
  • Synergy – fostering European added value to national programmes and infrastructures, and promoting collaboration with international programmes and organizations;
  • Strategy – identifying scientific challenges and opportunities through analysis and studies, and providing high-level recommendations for European and national research funders and policymakers as well as the scientific community;
  • Voice – expressing a collective vision of European marine research priorities to meet future science and societal challenges and opportunities.

In 2017, the European Marine Board is a unique strategic pan-European Forum for seas and oceans research and technology. The Board's collaborations reach far beyond its 33-member-strong membership, bringing together a diversity of partners and stakeholders from the marine and maritime communities, European networks, as well as policy and decision makers.

Picture below: European Marine Board members, observers and secretariat at the Spring 2015 Plenary Meeting, April 2015, Ghent, Belgium

 NERC _Ifremer M. Mackey