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Navigating the Future V

Navigating the Future V gives a birds-eye view of marine science. It looks into the future (2030 and beyond) to identify key topics/themes that are set to significantly advance our understanding of the marine and broader earth and climate systems, which will be of increasing importance to societal wellbeing in decades to come.


In November 2017, EMB began work on the new installment of its flagship series, Navigating the Future V (NFV). A central goal of NFV is to provide robust, independent scientific advice and expert opinion on future seas and ocean research to 2030 and beyond. 20 leading European experts in the field of marine science and related disciplines were nominated by EMB Member Organizations.

On 8 - 9 November 2017, the Navigating the Future V Foresight Workshop took place at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels, and after 2 days of intense discussion and negotiation, experts produced an agreed high-level Table of Contents for NFV.  You can find a press release on this here.

In early 2018, writing groups were stablished to draft the different chapters of NFV. Throughout 2018, EMB has been communicating the main messages from NFV, and the final publication is expected in Spring 2019. The resulting Navigating the Future V publication will be written by the marine scientific community in a format accessible to International, European and national research programme managers, policy-makers, industry and the marine and wider earth system science community itself. It will be communicated widely to stakeholders and should be regarded as an authoritative foresight report on European marine science.

A generic presentation on NFV is available to download here.


NFV Chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. A four-dimensional and connected ocean
  3. A multi-stressed and rapidly changing ocean
  4. Science of surprises
  5. Novel technologies, data and modelling for ocean research
  6. Sustainability science for the ocean
  7. New frontiers, gaps and recommendations

Co-ordinating authors: Anne Marie Treguier (CNRS, France), Catharina J.M. Philippart (NIOZ, The Netherlands), Ferdinando Boero (CoNISMa, Italy), Geir Huse (IMR, Norway), Jeremy Gault (University College Cork, Ireland), Ralph Schneider (KDM, Germany), Valerie Cummins (IMERC, Ireland).

Contributing authors: Carlos García Soto (IEO, Spain), David Paterson (MASTS, United Kingdom), Denis Lacroix (Ifremer, France), Francesca Malfatti (OGS, Italy), Gerald Schernewski (IOW, Germany), Gilles Boeuf (Sorbonne University, France), Heidrun Kopp (GEOMAR, Germany), Jan Marcin Węslawski (IO PAN, Poland), Jan Mees (VLIZ, Belgium), Kevin Horsburg (NOC, UK), Luís Menezes Pinheiro (University of Aveiro, Portugal), Marta Coll (ICM-CSIC, Spain), Martin Le Tissier (UCC, Ireland), Martin Visbeck (GEOMAR, Germany), Michiel Vandegehuchte (VLIZ, Belgium), Nele Matz-Lück (University of Kiel, Germany), Olivier Thébaud (Ifremer, France), Patrizio Mariani (DTU, Denmark), Sebastián Villasante (USC, Spain), Sukru Besiktepe (Dokuz Eylul University Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology, Turkey).

The European Marine Board members nominated the following experts to participate at Navigating the Future V Foresight Workshop:

Sukru Besiktepe (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey), Ferdinando Boero (CoNISMa, Italy), Valerie Cummins (IMERC, Ireland), Jan de Leeuw (NIOZ, The Netherlands), Carlos García Soto (IEO, Spain), Jeremy Gault (University College Cork, Ireland), Edward Hill (NOC, United Kingdom), Geir Huse (IMR, Norway), Colin Janssen (Ghent University, Belgium), Denis Lacroix (Ifremer, France), Francesca Malfatti (OGS, Italy), Jan Mees (FWO, Belgium), Luis Menezes Pinheiro (University of Aveiro, Portugal), David Paterson (MASTS, United Kingdom), Katja Philippart (NIOZ, The Netherlands), Ralph Schneider (KDM, Germany), Anne-Marie Tréguier (IUEM, France), Sybille Van den Hove (Bridging for Sustainability, Belgium), Jan Marcin Węslawski (IO PAN, Poland).


NFV was published on 11 June 2019 at the EurOCEAN 2019 conference. You can download the document here.

NFV Infographic Videos:


NFV Infographics

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A four-dimensional and connected ocean
A multi-stressed and rapidly changing ocean
Science of surprises
Sustainability science for the ocean

 Ocean Technologies