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Sea Change


Project Type

 BG 13 Ocean Literacy-Engaging with Society -- Social Innovation
Duration  36 months (2015-2018)
Budget  €3,5 Million
Consortium  17 partners
Coordinator  Marine Biological Association of the UK
EMB Role

 Leader of WP1: Sea Change Fundamentals- Baseline Review












The overarching goals of the Sea Change project are to bring about a fundamental “SeaChange” in the way European citizens view their relationship with the sea, by empowering them – as ‘Ocean Literate’ citizens - to take direct and sustainable action towards healthy seas and ocean, healthy communities and ultimately - a healthy planet.

Key objectives of Sea Change:

• Compile an in-depth review of the links between Seas and Ocean and Human health based on latest research knowledge outputs.

• Build upon the latest social research on citizen and stakeholder attitudes, perceptions and values to help design and implement successful mobilisation activities focused on education, community, governance actors and directly targeted at citizens.

• Build upon significant work to date, adopting best practice and embedding Ocean Literacy across established strategic initiatives and networks in order to help maximise impact and ensure sustainability.

• Ensure that efforts to sustain an Ocean Literate society in Europe continue beyond the life of Sea Change through codes of good practice, public campaigns and other ongoing community activities.

• Ensure that all activities of Sea Change are carefully monitored and evaluated to ensure maximum sustainability, effectiveness and efficiency.

• Ensure knowledge exchange with transatlantic partners to bring about a global approach to protecting the planet’s shared seas and oceans.

The objectives will be achieved by a closely interlinked programme. Sea Change includes a mobilisation phase engaging with citizens, formal education and policy actors. Crucially the legacy of Sea Change, including continuing knowledge sharing with North America, are embedded within the project.

European Marine Board Role:

EMB is leader of Work Package 1 “Sea Change Fundamentals - Baseline Review” and is involved in Work Package 5 "Mobilisation:Marine Governance".

WP1 will provide the Sea Change fundamentals through the provision of background information on the concept and state of Ocean Literacy, as well as drawing together information on how Ocean Literacy is currently embedded in different sectors of society, such as formal education and current governance. WP1 will provide valuable information that can be used as standalone communications material throughout the project, as well as information to support the mobilisation work packages (education, engagement and governance).

WP5 will engage in a dialogue with key actors of the international marine governance system with a particular focus on Europe and the trans-Atlantic context on the link between human health and the health of the seas and ocean in order to improve decision-making and subsequent policy development.

EMB Secretariat representative: Niall McDonough Email

Key European Marine Board Deliverables:

  • A booklet 'Sea Change: Increasing Ocean Literacy', tracing the history of the Ocean Literacy movement and introducing the Sea Change project, developed by EMB and CoExploration Ltd. Download the Sea Change booklet [6.5MB]
  • An animation 'Sea Change: Increasing Ocean Literacy',  explaining Ocean Literacy and introducing the Sea Change project, developed by EMB and CoExploration Ltd.
  • A review of Ocean Literacy in European Maritime Policy, completed by EMB, IOC-UNESCO and CIIMAR. Download the review [1.4 MB]
  • A set of factsheets explaining the connections between Human Health and the Ocean, developed by EMB and CEFAS. Download the factsheets [2.9 MB]
  • An animation 'Human Health and the Ocean: What's the Connection?', highlighting 5 ways in which the ocean affects our health and wellbeing. These links include climate regulation, food, pollution, medicine and the blue gym effect. The aim of the video is to raise awareness of how the ocean affects our health and therefore the importance of keeping our relationship with the ocean healthy.

Further Sea Change project deliverables can be accessed via the Sea Change website.