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Marine Biotechnology: Advancing Innovation in Europe’s BioeconomyPolicy brief showcases the latest scientific and technological advancements in marine biotechnology and explores future innovation.PDF icon PDF 1.12 MB (1.12 MB)

September 2017

Marine Biotechnology: Advancing Innovation in Europe’s Bioeconomy (policy brief)

Marine biotechnology is a fast growing Blue Growth area with revenue in Europe predicted to reach €1 billion by 2020. Products and applications are highly diverse, spanning food production, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and wider medical applications. The success of future growth relies on scientific knowledge spanning the marine, life and wider sciences. And it all starts in the ocean. This Policy Brief showcases the latest scientific and technological advancements in marine biotechnology and highlights why knowledge of our marine ecosystems and biodiversity are crucial for driving future innovation. It also presents examples of commercial applications of marine biotechnology, the resulting high-value products and services and examples of other European projects and initiatives that are seeking to streamline the marine biotechnology pipeline. The Policy Brief is a collaboration between the European Marine Board and the European Marine Biotechnology (MBT) ERA-NET, following the publication in 2016 of the ERA-MBT Marine Biotechnology Strategic and Innovation Roadmap: Insights to the future direction of European marine biotechnology.

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September 2017

Advancing Citizen Science for Coastal and Ocean Research (Position Paper)

In Citizen Science, members of the general public collaborate with scientists to generate and use data relating to the natural world. For the many fields of marine research, this is a particularly powerful approach which should not be overlooked. The sheer scale of coastal and ocean environments mean that it would take several lifetimes for scientists to study them alone. By collaborating with citizens, a much greater number of people can be mobilized to gather a wealth of data and develop new scientific knowledge and understanding. The variety of data types which are amenable to Citizen Science, as outlined in the position paper, are great, meaning that there could be a project to suit everyone. Citizen Science can also enable participants to improve their Ocean Literacy, gain new skills and experiences, and can also empower them to participate in the process of delivering future marine policy.

Now, more than ever, marine science research is needed to understand the impacts of a world undergoing change. The rise of Marine Citizen Science to help address this need is therefore timely. This paper highlights opportunities, challenges and best practice in Marine Citizen Science, and sets out a list of high-level strategic recommendations for the future development of Marine Citizen Science in Europe. It presents examples of existing Marine Citizen Science initiatives in Europe to illustrate good practice. Common concerns such as data quality and maintaining engagement are discussed, as are future opportunities such as increased use of technology and potential role of Marine Citizen Science in informing marine policy and conservation. The paper closes with a list of high-level strategic recommendations for the future development of Marine Citizen Science in Europe.

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May 2017

Advancing Citizen Science for Coastal and Ocean Research

Position paper aims to provide new ideas and directions to stimulate further advancement of Marine Citizen Science.

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May 2017

Decommissioning of offshore man-made installations: Taking an ecosystem approach (policy brief)

We are entering a legacy era for the offshore oil and gas industry. As operations ramp down, could scientific evidence hold the key to reducing economic cost and environmental impact of full decommissioning? This Policy Brief assesses the role of marine science in reducing the environmental impact of decommissioning and highlights the scientific questions that now need to be answered to settle the debate on what should be done with these structures.

Recent estimates suggest that there are currently around 1,350 oil and gas installations in the North Sea and North Atlantic regions and 1,800 offshore wind turbines in North Sea region alone.  And this number is rising. The total cost of full decommissioning of oil and gas installations in the North Sea alone for the period 2015 to 2040 is estimated at between US$70 and US$82 billion. The numbers of installations requiring decommissioning is also set to increase dramatically as renewable energy devices begin reaching the end of their operational life, and as plans for exploiting renewable energy sources in the near future grow. Globally, industry and governments are embracing different decommissioning approaches, from full removal to the production of artificial reefs. The question of what is best for the environment is still to be answered.

The INSITE programme, highlighted in this Policy Brief as novel model which could be implemented more widely, is a unique collaboration between leading energy companies and research. It is already funding research which is exploring the influence of man-made structures on the marine ecosystem in order to provide a solid scientific basis for future decision-making.

Ultimately, appropriate decisions need to be made in the very near future regarding the decommissioning of oil and gas and renewable energy structures. At present, there remains a need for more scientific research to better inform the decision-making process regarding their fate.

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May 2017

Decommissioning of offshore man-made installation: Taking an ecosystem approach

Policy Brief assesses the role of marine science in reducing the impact of decommissioning offshore installations.

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May 2017

The Ticking Time Bomb of Climate Change

Science Commentary questioning the over-emphasis in global policy discussions on 21st Century impacts of climate change

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March 2017

Annual Report 2015

Read about the wide spectrum of strategic activities undertaken by the EMB in 2015, bridging the gap between research, policy, industry and society.

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April 2016

STAGES WP4 Stakeholder Consultation

This report reviews an extensive STAGES stakeholder consultation conducted by Work Package 4 "Building a science-policy interface to support MSFD implementation". WP4 was led by EMB, in collaboration with STAGES partners.

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November 2015

The Ocean-Climate Nexus Consensus Statement

The critical role of ocean science in responding to climate change- A call from the ocean research community

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November 2015

Delving Deeper (policy brief)

Key action areas for achieving sustainable management of our deep sea through integrated research

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November 2015

Terms of Identity

The Terms of Identity and Governance provide an up-to-date summary of the key facts and metrics of the European Marine Board (EMB). The document is an addendum to the EMB Guidelines.

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October 2015

EurOCEAN 2014 Conference Report

Key messages from EurOCEAN 2014 – a major European marine science policy conference which took place on 7-9 October 2014 in Rome, Italy.

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September 2015

Delving Deeper: Critical challenges for 21st century deep-sea research

Overarching recommendations in deep-sea research to support a sustainable blue economy.

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September 2015

EMB Value Paper

Read about the benefits of being a member of EMB and review our achievements to date in our new value paper.

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June 2015

Annual Report 2014

Discover EMB's structure and governance and learn about the wide spectrum of strategic activities undertaken in 2014, bridging the gap between research, policy, industry and society.

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April 2015

Rome Declaration

A consensus view of the EurOCEAN 2014 participants representing that of the European marine research community and resulting from a wide consultation at national, regional, pan-European and international levels

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October 2014

How our ancestors adapted to sea-level change (policy brief)

A summary of the key research needs and priorities to discover and safeguard Europe’s underwater heritage

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October 2014

Land beneath the waves

State of the art, key opportunities and recommendations to advance the European Continental Shelf Prehistoric Research

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October 2014

4th EMB Forum Proceedings

The 4th EMB Forum Proceedings Arctic 2050: Towards Ecosystem-based management in a changing Arctic Ocean (12 March 2014, Brussels)

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September 2014

STAGES D4.2 Deliverable

Proposal and Recommendations for a Science-Policy Interface (SPI) to support MSFD Implmentation

STAGES - Science and Technology Advancing Governance of Good Environmental Status

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August 2014

SEAS-ERA D 1.3.1c

Third SEAS-ERA Strategic Forum Report

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April 2014

Annual Report 2013

European Marine Board Annual Report 2013 outlining EMB activities and outputs against the strategic approaches of ForumStrategySynergy and Voice

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April 2014

3rd Marine Board Forum Proceedings

3rd Marine Board Forum Proceedings New Technologies for a Blue Future (18 April 2012, Brussels)

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March 2014

Linking Oceans and Human Health: A Strategic Research Priority for Europe

Key research needs and priorities to support the development of a holistic and coherent transnational oceans and human health research effort in Europe

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December 2013

Navigating the Future IV

Foresight report organized around the framework of key societal challenges in the areas of climate, human health, food security, energy and safe and sustainable use of marine space

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June 2013

Annual Report 2012

European Marine Board Annual Report 2012 outlining EMB activities and outputs against the strategic approaches of Forum, Strategy, Synergy and Voice

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April 2013

Achieving Ecologically Coherent MPA Network in Europe: Science Needs and Priorities

Science needs and priorities to inform, engage and empower stakeholders in planning networks of MPAs across Europe and beyond

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April 2013

Getting Ready for an Ice-free Arctic

Science Commentary calling for a sustained Arctic marine observation and data exchange system

PDF icon PDF 254.29 KB (254.29 KB)

April 2013

SEAS-ERA D 1.3.1b

Second SEAS-ERA Strategic Forum

PDF icon PDF 4.17 MB (4.17 MB)

April 2013

Marine Biodiversity: A Science Roadmap for Europe

Reveals gaps in our knowledge and research capacities, examines the policy landscape and includes a roadmap for European marine biodiversity research.

PDF icon PDF 4.85 MB (4.85 MB)

September 2012

Marine Microbial Diversity and its role in Ecosystem Functioning and Environmental Change

Highlights recent advances in marine microbial research and identifies key priorities and needs for future European research.

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June 2012

Annual Report 2011

Marine Board Annual Report 2011

PDF icon PDF 3.12 MB (3.12 MB)

May 2012

2nd Marine Board Forum Proceedings

2nd Marine Board Forum Towards a European Network of Marine Observatories for Monitoring and Research (16 September 2010, Brussels) 

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April 2012

Monitoring chemical pollution in Europe's Seas - programmes, practices and priorities for research

A critical evaluation of current monitoring practices and assessment frameworks as well as mechanisms for including emerging chemicals of concern in monitoring programmes

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November 2011

SEAS-ERA D 1.1.1

Synthesis report on existing (sub)national (marine) science and technology strategies

PDF icon PDF 4.28 MB (4.28 MB)

October 2011

SEAS-ERA D 1.3.1a

First SEAS-ERA Strategic Forum

PDF icon PDF 4.91 MB (4.91 MB)

October 2011

Climate Change Research Results

Synthesis of European Research on the Effects of Climate Change on Marine Environments
CLAMER-Marine Board special publication

PDF icon PDF 4.32 MB (4.32 MB)

September 2011

Marine Board Annual Report 2010

Marine Board Annual Report 2010

PDF icon PDF 3.34 MB (3.34 MB)

May 2011

EurOCEAN 2010 and Ostend Declaration

Report of the high-level conference on marine science and technology EurOCEAN 2010 (12-13 October 2010, Ostend) and the Ostend Declaration 

PDF icon PDF 6.27 MB (6.27 MB)

January 2011

Marine Biotechnology: a Vision and Strategy for Europe

Marine biotechnology state of the art and its significant potential to contribute to scientific, societal and economic needs; and a concrete science policy strategy

PDF icon PDF 7.2 MB (7.2 MB)

September 2010

Marine Renewable Energy

An overview of how marine renewable energy can provide innovative solutions to tackle future energy challenges and to fully contribute to the EU 2020 vision

PDF icon PDF 1.57 MB (1.57 MB)

September 2010

Science Dimensions of an Ecosystem Approach to Management of Biotic Ocean Resources

Research priorities and a work plan to achieve the objectives of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive. Joint EMB-ICES-EFARO publication

PDF icon PDF 5.53 MB (5.53 MB)

April 2010

Marine Board History and Evolution

A short brochure on Marine Board history and its role in promoting the establishment of the European Marine Research Area, prepared for the ten-year anniversary as a stand-alone European marine science and technology forum

PDF icon PDF 940.15 KB (940.15 KB)

October 2009

MarinERA Legacy

Summary of the achievements of the 6th EU Framework Programme ERA-NET project MarinERA 

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June 2009

Annual Report 2009

Marine Board Annual Report 2009 

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May 2009

1st Marine Board Forum Proceedings

1st Marine Board Forum Marine Data Challenges: from Observation to Information (15 May 2008, Ostend) 

PDF icon PDF 999.99 KB (999.99 KB)

May 2009


A vision for an end-to-end, integrated, inter-operable and user-oriented network of European marine observation and data systems 

PDF icon PDF 6.41 MB (6.41 MB)

September 2008

The Effects of Anthropogenic Sound on Marine Mammals

Addressing a complex problem of the effects of some ocean-based human activities on the marine mammals, who rely heavily on sound for communication and social organization

PDF icon PDF 5.34 MB (5.34 MB)

June 2008

Annual Report 2008

Marine Board Annual Report 2008 

PDF icon PDF 5.5 MB (5.5 MB)

May 2008