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Marine Ecosystem Modelling

Working Group background:

High level goal: Assess and recommend R&D needs for future Marine Ecosystem Modelling for evidence-based policy making

Rationale: Europe has excellent capability in Marine Ecosystem Modelling. However, there remains a mismatch between scientific research and what policy makers need to know. It is now timely to conduct such foresight activities at European level and communicate community-driven European research needs and priorities to policy makers and wider stakeholders.

WG contact at Marine Board Secretariat: Kate Larkin Email

Kate Larkin (EMB), the WG Chair Morten Skogen (IMR, Norway), the WG Co-chair Sheila
Heymans (SAMS, UK) and Ángel Muñiz Piniella (EMB). July 2017.

EMB workshop: Shaping future research agendas in Marine Ecosystem Modelling

On 7 July 2017, EMB organized a workshop on Marine Ecosystem Modelling in Plymouth, UK. This workshop was organized in association with AMEMR (Advances in Marine Ecosystem Modelling Research). You can check the website to find out more details about the workshop, including the briefing paper and the agenda.
The workshop focused on E2E Marine Ecosystem Modelling: Current capabilities and R&D needs for Ecosystem-Based Management and brought together international experts from 12 countries in marine ecosystem modelling for interactive discussions.
The workshop formed a strategic activity of EMB, engaging the European marine scientific community and connecting science to policy. Horizon scanning recommendations on future marine ecosystem modelling gaps, needs and required capabilities will contribute to the development of a more coordinated and comprehensive European Ocean Observing System.

Participants at full discussions during the workshop