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1st Marine Board Forum

"Marine Data Challenges: from Observation to Information"

15 May 2008, Ostend, Belgium

1st marine board forum proceedings-75The 1st Marine Board Forum was held on 15 May 2008 and focused on marine data issues: observation, collection, management and processing. This topic is still very timely given the on-going debate about the European Ocean Observation System (EOOS).

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Forum Presentations:

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*Video files are available courtesy UNESCO/IOC's Project Office for IODE

Setting the scene - Kostas Nittis (MedGOOS) 

Marine data and observation management: European Commission perspectives - Alan Edwards on behalf of Manuela Soares (Director, Directorate I - DG RTD) Video

From observation to data to information for scientists and policy makers - Jean-François Minster (Total Foundation) Video

Operational oceanography, including GMES marine core services - Hans Dahlin (EuroGOOS) Video

UNESCO/IOC's project office for International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) Peter Pissierssens - (Head of the UNESCO/IOC Project office for IODE)  Video

Ecosystem aspects and how scientist networks handle data - Carlo Heip (MarBEF and NIOZ) Video

Marine Board rationale re. EMODNET Panel - Antoine Dosdat (Ifremer, Marine Board vice-Chair) Video

Perspectives from ESONET, EMSO, EUR-OCEANS - Michael Diepenbroek (MARUM) Video

Transforming marine science into ecosystem advice for policy makers - Gerd Hubold (ICES) Video

WISE initiative - European Commission - Violeta Vinceviciene (DG ENV)

GEO and GEOSS - Alan Edwards (DG RTD) Video

Data needs for shipbuilding industry - Willem Laros (Waterborne TP) Video

Marine information management: Identification and analysis of the Marine FP6 projects Laurent d'Ozouville (EurOcean) Video

Data needs for offshore industry - Chris Shaw (OGP and Shell) Video

EU Maritime Policy and marine data, European Commission - Iain Shepherd (DG MARE)