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EMBracing the Ocean application form

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Application materials

Please upload one PDF (named: surname_applicationmaterials) that includes:

• a description of your creative practice to date, highlighting previous engagement with scientists and/or communities, relevance of previous work to sustainability, as well as societal reach and impact of previous work. This should include hyperlinks to relevant work/website (max. 500 words);

• a motivational statement, including why you would like to receive the grant (max. 500 words);

• initial ideas of the work you propose to create during the residency including topic(s) of interest, ideas for the co-creation process, and scientists you would like to engage with if already identified (include name, affiliation, and link to webpage) (max. 500 words);

• initial ideas for communication and public engagement, including how you plan to impact as wide an audience as possible preferably beyond local communities, your target group(s) of citizens and why, links to cultural organizations that can help to reach your target audience(s), the expected longevity of the impact of your work, and details of your existing professional network and social media channels including links and numbers of followers (max. 500 words);

• provisional monthly timeline for residency including the types of activities you expect to carryout, details if applicable, milestones, and potential deliverables;

• provisional budget including e.g. artist fees, materials, expenses, travel, promotional materials, and campaigns; and

• a curriculum vitae.

Files must be less than 4 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf rar zip.
You are welcome to upload examples of your previous work. Please name your file upload with: surname_portfolio
Files must be less than 6 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf mov mp3 wav rar zip.
Diversity monitoring
For the purpose of monitoring the diversity of applications received, you may provide the following personal details (responding to this section is optional). This information will not be made available to the selection committee.
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