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Expert Working Groups

The Marine Board Expert Working Groups are the primary foresight and priority-setting tools of the Marine Board. Working groups are established on topics of strategic importance for marine sciences in Europe which are yet to be addressed properly or lacking visibility.

The Marine Board working groups are composed of high-level European scientists and experts (up to 15 persons). The average duration for a working group to prepare a draft position paper is approximately 18 months. The working group’s expected outcome is the realisation of a Marine Board Position Paper which aims to provide clear strategic management and scientific recommendations to impact on current and future national and European research agendas.

Therefore, the target audience is, in first instance, the national and European programme managers and science policy advisors/developers. The working groups' activities are also intended to strengthen the particular research domain and depending on the subject, consolidate and catalyse/stimulate the emergence of new networks which potentially lead to new collaborative projects.

Since its creation, the Marine Board has initiated and facilitated over a dozen working groups on a large variety of scientific topics. The outputs of this work, Marine Board Position Papers, are available on the publications page. On this page you will find running and recently completed working groups.

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